Training and certification



Training and certification

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Technologies involved in communication are usually quite extended; however, a good training is a key to provide confidence to an industrial facility.

With the suitable knowledge from the personnel that carries out the implementation or maintenance of a project, the result will be presumably more successful, on a shorter time and with the assurance that the systems will be stable for a longer time.

At Industrial Communications by Logitek we have a certified staff able to perform technical support tasks and professional training.


A training space with courses spanning from basic concepts associated to Profibus and Profinet, to specific matters like maintenance. It offers too training on OPC technology and its application on complex architectures.

At Industrial Communications by Logitek we can offer courses in our premises or, if you prefer, we can move to yours so the training is more convenient for your purposes.

Approved certification by the International Profibus/Profinet Association

The Logitek Competence Center is the only training centre in Spain approved by Profibus/Profinet International for training, spreading and technical support of Profibus and Profinet technologies.

Furthermore, the Logitek Competence Center is approved as PITC (Profibus/Profinet International Training Center) with a regulated training by Profibus/Profinet International in order to raise the knowledge level to the attendants on Profibus and Profinet technologies. This approval has been achieved by Logitek after an audit carried out by Profibus/Profinet International that enables us to offer courses with a final certification for each attendant.

Comprehensive support

A professional staff for technology advice and technical support about network design and optimization, as well as diagnostics and maintenance.

The members of the technical department at Industrial Communications by Logitek have a long experience on the field, which ensure a quick understanding to the needs in your architecture and an efficient answer to solve your communication challenges.

Increase the efficiency in Industrial Communications