Industrial communication standards



Industrial communication standards


Standardization in industrial communication ensures interoperability

A communication standard establishes the rules for information interchange. The more extended is a communications standard, system implementing it will be easier to find, as well as professionals who have the necessary knowledge to apply it.

At Industrial Communications by Logitek, we support standardization in the communication between devices and system in order to ensure:

  • Interoperability between devices and systems, simplifying the integration of different products and reducing implementation and development costs.
  • Availability. Open, non-proprietary standards ensure a high number of alternate providers.
  • Reusability. A standard-based system has the capacity to be easily replicated.
  • Scalability, enabling an independent operation of the elements, and system modulation and/or application.
  • Maintenance along time. International associations focused on specific protocols ensure the standard evolution in order to adapt it to new needs.
  • Migration. The standard protocol evolution covers usually the ability to update the systems according to new specifications.
  • Accessibility. Certified centres managed by International Associations to guarantee documentation and quality training.

At Industrial Communications by Logitek we support the most extended standard industrial communication technologies in the market:




Profibus is an open digital communication system with a wide range of applications, particularly in the field of industrial process automation. Profibus is a protocol suitable for both time-critical fast applications and complex communication tasks. Its standard international code is IEC-61158.



Profinet is a protocol resulting from the evolution of Profibus to adapt it to automation needs. Its modular features allow Profinet to be a flexible solution that can be adapted to production environments, safety applications and even for an efficient energy management. Profinet is a part of the IEC 61158 and IEC 61784 standards.



OPC is the interoperability standard for the secure and reliable data interchange in the industrial automation environment. The demand from the industry to establish a direct communication between the field technology and the different monitoring applications useful for industrial processes (ERP, SCADAs, MES…) brought the creation of OPC, a framework for real-time communications with multiple benefits, since it abstracts the hardware and enables a simple element integration and adaptation to changes.



Logitek is a member of the International Profibus Association and owns the only Competence Center in Spain approved by Profibus International for training, spreading and technical support of Profibus and Profinet technologies.

Industrial Communications by Logitek can help you during the design and implementation of your communication architecture. We can offer also to you diagnostics services and network maintenance.


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