Horizontal data integration



Horizontal data integration

For operations at your plant or facility to be carried out in an effectively and continuous way, industrial communications are structures according to a different model in two areas: a horizontal architecture that ensures communications between physical devices at the plant, like inputs and outputs, operator panels, etc., and a vertical architecture where the information flow is produced from and to physical devices at the plant and higher-level systems like HMI, SCADA, MES, ERP…

Horizontal communication is made by fieldbuses, particularly with Profibus and Profinet.

Profibus is the leading fieldbus worldwide with more than 50.0 million devices deployed. The use of just one cable enables this technology to eliminate cabling in production lines with the corresponding reduction in design and installation costs.

Profinet, the Ethernet-based network solution for automation, allows too a distributed control and provides a higher speed, particularly in the communication between master and slaves. Its growth is bigger than Profibus’ and has achieved already more than 10 million devices.

Logitek is a member of the International Profibus Association and owns the only Competence Center in Spain certified by Profibus International for training, spreading and technical support of Profibus and Profinet technologies.

Industrial Communications by Logitek can offer to you the following services:

Audit and diagnostics of Profibus and Profinet networks

The existing communication capacity between devices, processes and facilities establishes, to a great extent, the competitiveness of an industry. Ensuring that the control system operates on a consistent communications network contributes not only to the process continuity, but it’s also crucial to rely on the monitoring and analysis performance that enable new efficiency levels to be achieved for operations. That is why when communications do not perform seamlessly, it is necessary the support by experts able to analyse the source of the problems.

Certification of Profibus networks

An installation certificate is a quality assurance for companies since it secures that a Profibus installation has been deployed according to the standard, and it is suitable to operate before its commissioning. Following a comprehensive procedure by our engineers – approved by the International Profibus Association – they will confirm and ensure that the installation works according to the specifications.

Support on the deployment of Profibus and Profinet networks

Our Competence Center is staffed by certified engineers able to provide support during the installation design and commissioning. The Center can provide onsite support during the deployment and commissioning – regardless of the brand or manufacturer. Our certified engineers can help you along the project, reducing its cycles and saving time and money.

Direct monitoring of Profibus networks

From Industrial Communications by Logitek we can monitor your Profibus network for you. We have the tools that enable the remote monitoring of the Profibus installation from anywhere in the world, and alert in case of fault. This tool is a modular system that enables us to adapt any Profibus network architecture.

Optimized design of Profibus architectures

Logitek is a Competence Center approved by the International Profibus/Profinet Association. We have certified engineers for the design of new networks, and to improve the architectures of existing networks.

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