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IT solutions for industrial automation and infrastructures.
These solutions increase availability, security and reduce maintenance costs of the IT computing infrastructure at the plant



estandares comunicacion industrialestandares comunicacion industrial

Industrial communications standards

Standardization of communication between devices and systems ensures interoperability.
integracion horizontal datosintegracion horizontal datos

Horizontal data integration

Horizontal communication between fieldbuses, based on Profibus and Profinet.
integracion vertical datos industriaintegracion vertical datos industria

Vertical data integration

 Secure and reliable data interoperability in industrial automation environments.
Formación y certificaciónFormación y certificación

Training and certification

Qualified and certified personnel that provides reliance to an industrial facility.
Redes segurasRedes seguras

Secure networks

Plant protection in front of cyber threats requires the communication architecture to be shielded with solutions that do not subtract speed and stability to the system

IT solutions for industrial automation and infrastructures


Which are the most suitable solutions for my infrastructures? Where should I start from? What ensures a higher efficiency?