Introducing ourselves: We are Industrial Communications by Logitek
by Héctor García | oct 21, 2014 | Industrial Communications, Uncategorized | 0 comments

IT, industrial automation, infrastructures, devices, at the plant or PLC, interconnections… because, after all, it’s about interconnecting, communicating, sending and transmitting a coded message in a decipherable, understandable language between the emitter and the receiver. What occurs naturally between human beings is transferred to the machines – maybe coldly, but also accurately.

Welcome to the new website and the new blog about Industrial Communications by Logitek. This blog should enable us to communicate, and that’s what we are going to do: seek, search and read all that may be of your interest and bring it to you the most pleasant and interesting way. We will talk about machines and how they interact, but so far there’s an individual behind this blog – at least while readers are you human beings.

Nevertheless, we will try to transfer the industrial communication efficiency to corporate communication. It would be pleasing that each part in this communication system could interchange the necessary information so each system does what it has to do, and in the most efficient feasible way.

Sorry, I was talking like a machine. I will try to translate it to a more human language: we would like to read your opinions, share your concerns, common interests, and establish a reciprocal communication, a true conversation, because communication does not exist on a single direction.

Our years of experience and leading edge technology are the best guarantee we can offer to you. We know that many of you already know us, and we thank you for trusting us. We are also thankful to those of you who just met us, and are looking forward to staying connected with you for many years to come.

So to all of you, women and men in the present, cyborgs and humanoids in the near future, we push the start button! Signal transmitted, red light on… connecting!

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