The solid foundation required by your automated processes

Communication networks designed to achieve the highest control architecture performance and provide full connectivity between devices and the monitoring system.

Optimizing communication architectures

Training and certification to detect inefficiencies, prevent incidents and improve the performance of industrial communication networks reaching new levels of productivity.

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Standard and open technology to create models as communication networks capable of handling large amounts of data in real time and continuous and stable manner.

The key to productivity lies in the data

The ability to communicate between devices, processes and facilities defines most of the competitiveness in the industry. Assuring your control system operating on a consistent communications network does contribute not only to the process continuity, but it’s also crucial to enable the monitoring and analysis performance that allow new operations efficiency levels to be achieved.

Technologies enabling the information flow

Industrial communications standards

Standardization of communication between devices and systems ensures interoperability.

Horizontal data integration

Horizontal communication between fieldbuses, based on Profibus and Profinet.

Vertical data integration

 Secure and reliable data interoperability in industrial automation environments.

Training and certification

Qualified and certified personnel that provides reliance to an industrial facility.

Secure networks

Plant protection in front of cyber threats requires the communication architecture to be shielded with solutions that do not subtract speed and stability to the system

4 key sectors in Industrial Communications


Industrial Communications in food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, automotive and automotive supply, clothing, etc., including packaging as transversal factor.

Smart City

There is no intelligence without dialogue; that’s why the Industrial Communication is a must in smart cities
Energía en Comunicaciones Industriales


Industrial Communications in infrastructures are a key factor on energy generation and distribution. Oil & Gas, Wind turbines, Oil drilling….
IT, Redes en Comunicaciones Industriales

IT & Network

IT and Networks are key elements not only in the industry, but we, from Industrial Communications by Logitek, focus on the industry, on your infrastructures.

Optimize the interactions between the different systems within your infrastructure

The existing communication ability between devices, processes and facilities establishes most of the competitiveness level of an industry.